“Starting the Right Way” – I Corinthians 3:11

Starting the right way is easier than trying to reprogram an individual.

If we are going to start the right way, we have to start with the right man. That man is Jesus. It should always be about Jesus.

We need to be on one accord in order to grow.

The foundation is what we build upon. Our foundation is Jesus.

1. It’s not our job to lay the foundation.

2. The foundation is already in place.

3. We cannot lose because the foundation has already conquered everything.

4. Start with the right man.

– Jesus

5. Start with the right plan.

– Discipleship

6. Start wit the right provisions.

– Giving

7. Have the right praise.

8. Need to have the right people.


“God Still Uses Sinners” – Romans 3:23

With the exception of Jesus,everybody God has used have been sinners.

If you are a sinner, you are savable by grace.

The text’s scripture should give us hope because:

1. All of us are unworthy.

2. Regardless of your sin, you are usable in his service.

3. God has high standards.

4. We still have a place in God’s kingdom.



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