1869 – Established at 321 North Eight Street

1888 – Reverend Perry Jackson elected as Pastor

1890 – Reverend Henry Florence and Flynn elected as Pastors

            Church building burned

1910 – Reverend C. B. Collins was elected as Pastor

1920 – The church burned again

1922 – A brick building was built

            Reverend E. L. Bronson was elected as Pastor

            A two story brick building was completed

1932 – Reverend P. C. Keal was elected as Pastor

1940 – First Building Fund was organized

1960 – Due to Rev. Keal’s declining health, Reverend S. L. Pierce was appointed interim Pastor

1962 – A two-acre track of land was purchased at our present site

1970 – A ground-breaking ceremony for a new edifice was held

1971 – Reverend Andrew Julius Mansfield was elected as Pastor

           May 9th  – The First Missionary Baptist Church was dedicated

1975 – Total indebtedness paid in full

1976 – Note-burning Ceremony

           Expanded educational facilities and fellowship hall

1977 – New Way Center, a drug prevention program was initiated – Ollie H. Burns, Director

1988 – Bus Ministry was added

1994 – Full time church services started

            Student Referral Center

1996 – “Self Help” account opened, received loans from members/lenders

            Ground-breaking Ceremony held for Multi-Purpose Complex

1997 – The New Vision Child Development Center was opened

1998 – The Multi-Purpose Complex was dedicated

            Saturday Academy initiated

            New Vision learning Academy, area’s first Charter School opened

1999 –  Nellie McCoy Senior Center opened

            ” Self Help” refund account established to repay members/lenders

             Original church site sold

2000 – Major interior/exterior facelift completed

2001 – Church hosted State Congress

2002 – First Missionary Baptist Church Scholarship Fund established

             Secondary note on Multi-Purpose Building retired

2003 – Church repaid final “Self-Help” loan to members/lenders

2006 – Church “Marquee” donated in memory of Deacon Tommy Brown by Sister Izola Brown & Family

2007 – Reverend Otis Banks was called to the ministry under the leadership of Pastor A.J. Mansfield

2008 – 2011 Primary loan on Multi-Purpose Building retired

            Construction of cafeteria for Multi-Purpose Building

            Sound/video system added to sanctuary

            Minister Jessie Smith was called to the ministry under the leadership of Pastor A.J. Mansfield

2013 – Reverend Tegitra K. Thomas elected as Pastor

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